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Freeride and Skitouring in Davos Klosters with Pulverzucker

Dear friends of snow sports,

We are thrilled to announce the opening of our snow sports school, Pulverzucker. Our focus is on freeriding and ski touring, and we strive to offer our students the best experience off-piste.

Our team is composed of experienced and passionate skiers who love to share their skills and knowledge with others. We offer courses for all levels, from beginners to experienced freeriders and ski tourers. At Pulverzucker, you will not only learn the techniques and skills to safely ride powder, but also gain awareness of the risks involved and become a responsible and environmentally conscious skier.

Our school is located in one of the most beautiful regions for snow sports, right in the heart of the Alps. The surrounding mountains provide a stunning backdrop for our courses and tours. We place great importance on personal and individual attention for our students and therefore offer small groups to ensure that each customer receives the best possible care.

Our goal at Pulverzucker is to offer you an unforgettable experience off-piste and introduce you to the world of freeriding and ski touring. We are proud to share our knowledge and experience with you and look forward to welcoming you to our snow sports school soon.

Your team at Pulverzucker.

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